Volition America Is Redefining Patriotism

Volition America Is Redefining Patriotism

In the kaleidoscope of American life, there's a brand that's not just about clothes – it's a vibe, a movement, a celebration of what it means to be uniquely American. Let's dive into the world of Volition America, where style meets substance and conscious choices are the name of the game.

Young man wearing Freedom Isn't Free t-shirt holding American Flag


At the heart of Volition America is a mission that's the superhero of fashion. It's not just about looking good; it's about feeling good too. Picture this: inspiring Americans to make choices that bring us together. It's like fashion with a side of unity, and who doesn't want a wardrobe that doubles as a symbol of solidarity?

Volition America isn't just shaking up the fashion game; it's also giving back. Through its partnership with the Folds of Honor Foundation, every purchase gives a percentage to military and first responder families. It's fashion with a heart, and suddenly, your shopping spree becomes a feel-good adventure.


Three Luminox x Volition America watches on an American Flag background

Volition America's impact transcends the garments it offers. It's a coalition, a collaboration of diverse brands committed to making a positive difference. The brand's strategy goes beyond expanding market presence; it's about uniting large groups through collective action. The E-commerce Marketplace becomes the vibrant center, a hub where collaborations come to life, extending reach and creating a platform for awareness and storytelling.

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The brand Coalition is made up of brands like Puma, Cobra, Huk, Marucci, Victus, Luminox, Nalgene, and other renowned brands. Bringing consumer products in golf, baseball, fishing, watches, and fitness sunglasses together, they unite under the Volition America umbrella. It's not merely about selling products; it's about igniting a movement. The "Volitionize your Greatest Hits" campaign takes the coolest products from brand partners and infuses them with a patriotic flair. Beyond the traditional red, white, and blue, Volition America adds a unique spin, transforming these items into powerful statements with a deeper purpose.

Volition America Brand Partners

Wearing Volition America isn't just about donning clothes; it's about adopting a "Uniform for Life." It symbolizes values, a conscious choice to express who you are and what you stand for. Volition goes beyond symbolism; it's a life mantra, a reminder that every choice, no matter how small, carries consequences. With a diverse range of options, the brand empowers individuals to boldly wear their convictions, making a resounding declaration of their principles and beliefs.

Volition America CEO John Sapiente (Left) and Lt Colonel Dan Rooney (Right) Volition America


John Sapiente, the CEO of Volition America, wholeheartedly embraced the vision of Lt. Colonel Dan Rooney to launch a brand that not only celebrated our country but also imparted the true meaning of volition, all while giving back to the Folds of Honor Foundation. His primary motivation was to raise both funds and awareness for Folds of Honor, driven by his profound love for America. John firmly believed that fostering this sense of unity was essential. To him, people needed to recognize that we are not defined by the red or blue of our political beliefs; we are red, white, and blue, coming together.

Now, let's fast forward to 2024, and what's causing a stir? Volition America is gearing up to ignite excitement with new collaborations, and the highly anticipated 2024 Spring collection is set to make its debut in March. Get ready for fresh designs and an abundance of opportunities to be part of something remarkable.

So, here's the scoop: Join the movement, and become a part of the crew that's revolutionizing fashion into an exhilarating adventure. Opting for Volition America isn't just about upgrading your wardrobe; it's about becoming a vital part of a mission. Head to our shop, explore innovative offerings, and let's fashion a force for good together. We're not just dressing up; we're shaping a brighter, more fantastic future. Join The Volition America Mission today – where style meets substance, and making a difference is the trend.

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