Stars, Stripes, and Success: Volition America’s Journey to Becoming Iconic Brand

Stars, Stripes, and Success: Volition America’s Journey to Becoming Iconic Brand

In an era of fleeting trends emerges a brand with a vision beyond the aesthetics of fashion. A brand not about transient designs, but rather principles of unity, inspiration, and unwavering allegiance to the nation. This is Volition America – an embodiment of American values.  Only in America could a brand like Volition America not just redefine the landscape of patriotic branding, but also craft a business model that's multifaceted in its impact. This ingenious strategy doesn't just bolster the growth of Volition America; it expands the reach of its brand partners, increasing fundraising and awareness for Folds of Honor, and igniting a societal movement. Consumers proudly wear the Volition America emblem, making it more than just a brand; it's a symbol of their values, convictions, and allegiance

Conceived in 2014, Volition America breaks the mold of conventional fashion brands. Lieutenant Colonel Dan Rooney, founder of the Folds of Honor Foundation, conceptualized the brand "Volition America…Choosing America", and asked CEO John Sapiente to launch The Volition America Apparel Brand. Their mission was clear: to create a commercial force that would unite our country through empowering people with Volition and raise substantial funds and awareness for the families of our Fallen American Heroes through The Folds of Honor Foundation. The Folds of Honor mission aligns seamlessly with that of Volition America as a percentage of every item sold goes back to honoring the brave and upholding the legacies of our American Heroes. Folds of Honor has awarded a whopping $220 million and 50,000 scholarships to the families of our fallen or severely injured Military and First Responders.  

Sapiente realized the key to the business is that the brand audience was already there and easily identified. The problem was it would take years to develop products and build customers organically utilizing the traditional brand building process. His question was how to quickly tap into the passion of over 75 million Americans who express an affiliation for patriotic, military and first responders and channel it into tangible, meaningful change. Sapiente unveiled an innovative business strategy to amplify its growth. Rather than taking the traditional route, his vision became: “Why start from scratch” when Volition America could leverage their brand's already established strengths by collaborating with large lifestyle brands? Sapiente embraced the spirit of collaboration in strategic markets to ignite a rapid, widespread movement. The partner brands loved the fresh conversations with existing customers and the expanded reach to connect with new audiences. 

Volition America CEO John Sapiente (Left) and Lt Colonel Dan Rooney (Right) Volition America

From that point on, Volition America has been building a “Brand Coalition,” forging alliances with brands in different niches. This collaboration not only spread the word, but also provided brand partners a unique platform for increased sales, storytelling opportunities, and audience expansion. The E-commerce Marketplace took this a step further by bringing all Volition America Collaborations under one roof, amplifying and vastly increasing aggregate reach, rather than on their own individual channels. Each brand added to The Volition America Marketplace ultimately ‘force multiples’ Volition Nation and brings a wider marketing reach as brands engage their collective customers. 

Their impact hasn't gone unnoticed. Big names like Puma, Marucci, Cobra, Huk, Luminox, Nomad, Victus, Nalgene, and Revo have joined forces with Volition America, believing in its mission. Their design strategy? “Volitionize your Greatest Hits.” By taking the products customers love and infusing them with a patriotic military design, the brand offers consumers best-in-class products created with inspiration and cause, with resonating impact across the nation.

Volition America Brand Partners

Looking ahead, as 2023 winds down, Volition America continues to push boundaries. New collaborations are on the horizon, and an iconic collection is soon to be unveiled. But for John Sapiente, it isn’t just about metrics. “When I spot strangers, celebrities, influencers, all sporting the Volition brand, that’s my moment of triumph,” he says. 

He shares his advice to those who want to know how to unite our country. “In a time where our nation sometimes feels forced into choosing ‘red’ or ‘blue’, the Volition America emblem reminds us that we are not ‘red’ and we are not ‘blue’.  We are RED, WHITE, and BLUE.  I promote the idea of uniting our country by not focusing our differences, but celebrating our similarities of what truly makes America great.”

Diving deeper, the word "volition" is more than just a term. It’s the essence of conscious decision-making, of using one's agency to effect change, of purpose-driven life.  Donning Volition America apparel is an emblem for the wearer's to stand up and represent what they stand for. This idea of volition goes beyond mere symbolism. It's a mantra for life. It drives home the fact that choices, big or small, have consequences, and that every individual has the potential to be an influencer of change. Through the Power of Volition, the brand empowers individuals to make impactful choices. Volition America doesn't just offer clothing; it offers a "Uniform for Life" - a constant reminder of our power to choose positive change in our world.

Volition America- A Uniform for Life

Beyond fabric and stitch, What Rooney, Sapiente and their Brand Coalition has started is a movement, an emblem of patriotism, and values that have defined the American spirit. It propels us to look past our disparities and celebrate what binds us - a common love for a nation that stands for freedom and power of choice. In wearing it, they make a powerful statement about unity, patriotism, and their commitment to honoring our heroes. Volition America stands as a beacon of American innovation, where commercial success and social impact harmoniously intertwine. Truly, it's a brilliant testament to the American entrepreneurial spirit.

Join the movement. Experience the Power of Volition. Uphold unity. Salute our heroes. Let this be our mantra, today and always.

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